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Particleworks Tips and Tricks

This monthly series offers brief tips and tricks for the CFD software Particleworks.

RecurDyn Tips and Tricks

This monthly series offers brief tips and tricks for RecurDyn MultiBody Dynamics software.


CAE Webinar Recordings

New Multibody Dynamics for PTC Creo Interface for Simplified and Automated Flexible Body and Contact Modeling

What's New in RecurDyn V9R5

- Vibration Shape Toolkit

- Python ProcessNet

- Creo-RecurDyn Interface Extension

- New DOE Capability

Modeling Springs with Multibody Dynamics

Introduction to Machine Learning for Uncertainty Quantification of Engineering Simulations

Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) is a set of Machine Learning (ML) methods that puts error bands on results by incorporating real world variability and probabilistic behavior into engineering and systems analysis.

CFD Design Process with Romax and Particleworks

E-Motor Cooling Solutions with Particle-Method CFD

Presented by Chris Garcia

Handling Flexible Bodies in Multibody Simulation

Presented by Fabiano Maggio, Phd.

High-Fidelity Simulations of Mechanical Systems with RecurDyn

RecurDyn is commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), open architecture, multibody dynamics software. RecurDyn also interfaces with additional COTS modules and enables the development of custom applications. Using RecurDyn as a software platform for custom simulations of mechanical systems yields lower purchase costs, development costs, and increases robustness. A case study will be presented that describes the use of RecurDyn as a platform for an updated version of the NATO Reference Mobility Model (NRMM).

NVH with KISSsoft and RecurDyn

The simulation of the NVH behavior is essential for certain types of gears and contributes significantly to the evaluation of gear optimization. The forced vibrations are calculated in the drive train, which arise from the excitation in the meshing and are transmitted to the housing as variable forces and moments at the bearings. The radiation power is determined for the housing thus stimulated, thus enabling an assessment of the noise behavior of the transmission.

What Is Particle Method CFD?

We're here to help you understand Particle Method CFD Particleworks! This introductory webinar will cover how the CFD Method works, the comparison vs. traditional methods, advantages and disadvantages, and when Particleworks should be used in the design process.

V9R4 Release Meeting

Come see what's new in RecurDyn V9R4. We will be discussing enhancements such as GUI, MFBD, and Toolkits.

Particle Method CFD for Engine Cooling

Thermal behavior of many systems, such as e-motors and pistons, are very important but difficult to model and simulate. This leads to increased development time and ultimately higher product cost. Particleworks uses a unique method called MPS which allows these systems to be modeled and simulated faster than conventional finite volume methods.

Optimizing Dynamic Mechanisms

The goal of design is to develop a product using reasonable choices. Optimization is a method to make the best choices. This webinar will cover the setup of an optimization model, including design variables, constraints and objective functions. Techniques for the correct formulation of the requirements will be covered and various optimization examples related to multibody simulation will be introduced.

Using Quad-Physics to Optimize the Conveyance of a Fluid Product Line in Flexible Packaging

The dynamic behavior of a fluid-filled, flexible container transported on a manufacturing line along a conveyer is simulated, with the goal of optimizing the product transport time. The simulation is at the level of quad-physics, meaning that four types of physics are simulated together.

Meshless CFD Integrated with ANSYS Workbench

Particleworks is a mesh-free, liquid-flow simulation software based on the moving particle simulation (MPS) method, which is capable of complicated fluid simulations such as liquid dropping, mixing, lubrication, spraying, sloshing and splashing.

Creo Flow Simulation

Creo 7.0 introduces Fluid Flow Simulation to Creo Simulation Live (CSL). But how do you know when to use CSL vs traditional methods? We demonstrate how to get the best value from each capability for fluid flow, thermal, structural and modal simulation capabilities directly integrated within your Creo environment.

How NASA reduces system forces and motion using Flexible Multibody Dynamics with RecurDyn

Meritor Presents Particle Method CFD with Particleworks and EnginSoftUSA

Industry veteran Joe Walsh talks about Generative Design

EnginSoft Demonstrates Generative Design / Topology Optimization Software

Particle Method CFD for Gearboxes Webinar

Dr. Andreas Vlahinoson on additive manufacturing and Topology Optimization. EnginSoft demonstrates Creo Simulation Live