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Successful engineering projects require experts in the specific combination of disciplines relevant to the engineering problem. A simulation task may require an understanding of physics computational methods mathematics material sciences and statistics. It will also require an engineer who has the expertise in the specific industry sector and application so that the modeling itself can have the fidelity necessary to solve the problem.

It is this combination of skills, expertise, and industry-specific experience that makes engine soft the primary source of CAE consulting services for many companies. With hundreds of engineers and thousands of completed projects we are able to cover a broad range of disciplines. We have a long history of integrating various technologies and methods to produce results. We are able to offer expert guidance and assistance to a company’s existing team or a full turnkey project.

Our expertise includes:

  • Major CAE applications including Ansys, Recurdyn, LS-DYNA, FlowNex, ParticleWorks and optimization tools
  • Transferring of physical quantities between models developed with incompatible computational methods such as CV vs FEM, GEM vs FEM or FD, DEM vs FEM or CV/FD and others
  • System Level / 1D modeling at component level (the 2D and 3D approaches) and the related development of physical nodes of models at system level; optimizing models at system level
  • Linking to materials and components data bases for more accurate data for the materials and components employed in the model
  • Integration with processes based on open-source code
  • Developing physical models that are not available in the specific software package in use
  • Extending or improving your materials databases
  • Migration of existing models from one commercial software product to another
  • Linking your proprietary procedures to mainstream commercial simulation software products using the specific product’s API
  • Creating procedures for the verification and validation of models as well as for the quantification of uncertainty within the model
  • Linking simulation tools with measurement devices for real-time simulation control (dynamic data-driven applications systems (DDDAS) or symbiotic feedback control systems)
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Our Industry experience includes:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Medical Devices
  • HVAC
  • Consumer Products

Our engineers have the ability to work on projects at your facility or at our own facilities. We may also access HPC resources to accelerate the analysis.

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