Particleworks GPU-Accelerated Solutions

Because Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis does not need to be time-consuming.

Tools to Fuel Innovation

Particleworks is a premier CFD analysis tool for simulating fluid movement, applicable in various industrial contexts such as automotive oil sloshing and cooling, as well as mixing and kneading processes in the medical and food industries. Enhance Particleworks' ultra-fast solver, powerful visualization, and accelerated GPU computing capabilities with a purpose-built multi-GPU Exxact workstation or server for a comprehensive software and hardware solution that drives engineering innovation.

Accelerate Your CFD Simulations with Exxact GPU Systems

Particleworks offers high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations for a wide range of applications, from cell phone design to automobile engineering. With an Exxact GPU system, you can accelerate your Particleworks CFD simulation workloads by up to 10x.

Achieve Performance Orders of Magnitude Faster

The Particleworks solver can be parallelized on multi-core and multi-GPU setups, significantly reducing the time required for simulations. While traditional simulations can run on CPUs, GPU acceleration offers finer details and more iterations in less time, using fewer resources. Particleworks harnesses the power of high CUDA core counts for optimal performance. One NVIDIA A100 GPU delivers the performance equivalent of 480 CPU cores and scales efficiently across multiple GPUs. An Exxact workstation with 4x-GPUs can surpass the performance of a CPU-only data center with over 1,700 cores.

Check Out the GPU Workstations for Particleworks Fluid Simulation from Exxact

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