Computer Aided Engineering - CAE Magazine

2019 - Winter

  • Using CAE simulation to verify the structural safety and performance of a two-wheeler’s driving mechanism
  • Acoustic assessment of an electric water pump using ANSYS Workbench and Multiphysics simulation
  • A CFD simulation of melting furnace for the production of stone wool
  • CFD study to optimize the cooling performance of a narrow specialty tractor
  • A method to conduct dynamic analyses of floating solar structures using AQWA
  • Industrial Sheet Metal Processing Company
  • The impact of numerical analysis on the efficiency of cooker hood ventilation systems
  • ...and many other topics on CAE Technologies applications.


2019 - Autumn

  • Improving a coffee capsule machine’s capacity and performance using multibody simulation
  • Refining the design of a spout for a laundry detergent
  • The future of vehicle systems engineering Optimizing gas flow for the transformation process of chemicals
  • Using multidisciplinary optimization for engine suspension stiffness
  • Creation of an Ultimate Digital Twin for a real-world environment
  • SACMI designs optimized nextgeneration components using automated surface sculpting
  • ...and many other topics on CAE Technologies applications


2019 - Summer

  • The design optimization of a small axial turbine with millions of configurations by Rafael
  • Electrifying Solutions for Motors and Generators by Marelli Motori
  • Intermarine Shipyard tests Flownex SE for its naval piping systems by Intermarine
  • Using simulation and validation to build trust in new tools by Lovato Electric and EnginSoft
  • Testing the potential to offer CAE over the cloud in the SaaS paradigm by Rina Consulting
  • Two-step approach to numerical simulation of fire and smoke propagation by EnginSoft
  • Automated scantling optimization of ships’ midship transverse frame in concept design phase by University of Liege
  • ANSYS Solutions simplify additive manufacturing – the example of a drone by DfAM Research Center
  • Engineering simulations using ANSYS in the cloud by UberCloud
  • Using simulation to design energy harvesters for power sensors by EnginSoft
  • Using design for optimization to increase competitiveness by EnginSoft
  • The brave new world of virtual commissioning by EnginSoft
  • Simulating chemical processes to optimize plant and pipeline design with Xpsim by


2019 - Spring


  • New methodology to better understand fatigue life in complex components
  • Takenaka Corporation automates simulation-based architectural design
  • Improving the performance of shaped charges and passive ballistic protections
  • Development of a methodology and tools for tolerances in vehicle electrification to meet future customer demand and ensure competitive advantage
  • Initial usage data of new Web app created to facilitate design of planing hulls
  • Multi-purpose ANSYS APDL script developed for analysis of matter-radiation interaction
  • Creating an accurate digital twin of a human user for realistic modeling and simulation
  • CivilFEM enables interaction analysis between structures and geotechnics
  • New approach for accurate, robust morphing of CAD geometries
  • Optimizing a cam mechanism using Adam and MATLAB
  • Numerical Computation Technique to Examine Glass Fiber Mat and Cloth Reinforcement of Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
  • Tribology solutions for fluid lubricated bearings in machines

2018 - Winter

  • Roadmap towards a collaborative multi-physics simulation workflow for defense applications
  • New MPS-based method to design and analyse the cooling systems of engine pistons is faster and more accurate
  • Medical Digital Twins used to help predict pathology evolution and the effect of surgical corrections in cardiovascular patients
  • Virtual Reality Application in a Nuclear Accelerator Facility
  • The multiscale and optimization analysis of a lattice structure produced via additive manufacturing
  • Analysis of flow characteristics in an urban area using CFD
  • Thermal Management of the ALPIDE Space Module for Particle Tracking
  • Super parameters massively reduce time and complexity to optimize shapes for improved fluid dynamic behaviour
  • Fatigue Analysis using FEMFAT inside ANSYS Workbench
  • Honda enhances pedestrian protection with modeFRONTIER

2018 - Autumn

  • Crashworthiness design of a train based on European Standard EN15227
  • Thermal Optimisation of e-Drives Using Moving Particle Semiimplicit (MPS) Method
  • Helping engineers in the Green Technology industry overcome their design challenges
  • Strains and Load reconstruction of two-wheeled Scooters
  • 3D-Simulation Enhances Product Development for Positive Displacement Machines
  • Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality in Engineering – Disruptive or Innovative?
  • The Challenges of Creating User Interfaces for Mass Market Devices
  • The practicalities of virtual system analysis
  • Ergonomic simulation – investing in greater company competitiveness and improved productivity Research & Technology Transfer
  • EnginSoft and the European Space Agency investigate hydroponic plant growth for future space missions

2018 - Spring

  • Improving the NVH performance of a motorbike powertrain
  • EnginSoft in the ESA MELiSSA program
  • Optimized production process of a supporting plate as an improvement of the product sustainability
  • Investigating the Effect of Ceramic Materials on Structural Analysis of Ball Bearings
  • Humble beginnings evolving into a highly functional equipment analysis and sizing tool
  • Performance of road side crash barrier with regards to vehicle crashworthiness
  • ANSYS and ROCKY generate savings for VALE
  • FMI-enabled digital twin for co-design and virtual commissioning of production machines
  • Numerical simulation of electromagnetic stirring in steelmaking industry
  • Structural Optimization of the “Tulip” Housing of a Tripod Type Inner CV Joint for the power transmission in a Formula SAE sport car
  • Optimizing a perfect race engine. ESTECO Academy Design Competition winner
  • Cone-Meter Performance Optimization Through a CFD-Experimental Approach