Webinar - Bringing CFD earlier in the transmission design process using Romax Energy and Particleworks

Presented by Dhruva Aaradhya, Hexagon and Massimo Galbiati, Enginsoft

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ePowertrain CFD Simulation

A typical transmission design process does not allow data from fluid distribution and churning loss to drive early stage design optimisation. This is because CFD studies are typically done late in the product design process, due to the time and expertise they require. As a result, problems are typically found during prototype and production, when it is much more expensive to resolve issues.

To solve this problem, we have developed a new interface between Romax Energy and Particleworks, in order to promote CAE-led design and allow more data-driven design optimisation to reduce production costs.

Particleworks (created by Prometech) is a proven and robust particle-based CFD tool for transmission lubrication problems. It is much faster to run than classical mesh-based CFD, which enables it to be used throughout the design and development process. Romax Energy is a robust simulation tool for predicting electro-mechanical transmission efficiency. Combined together, they offer a democratised solution that brings CFD earlier into the transmission design process.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to export a fully defined Romax model with all kinematics properties and setup parameters automatically defined for quick and easy simulation in Particleworks.
  • How the fast, easy, automated workflow greatly reduces the time required to pre-process the model and minimises user error, since the same system and conditions are being analysed throughout the process.
  • How best practises have been implemented to remove all roadblocks to setting up a CFD model, so non-CFD specialists are able to conduct CFD studies to make informed decisions at an early stage.
  • The use cases for this workflow and the value of using it earlier in your product design & development process.

By democratising this solution, transmission engineers and non-CFD specialists can now conduct informative CFD simulations early in the design process, with minimal expertise required. For the first time, CFD analysis can be conducted in the design stage to increase quality, optimise for sustainability, and reduce time to market. Join our webinar to find out how this solution could help you.


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