Webinar: Combine Ansys Simulation Capabilities With Particleworks for Complicated Fluid Simulations

Particleworks is a mesh-free, liquid-flow simulation software based on the moving particle simulation (MPS) method, which is capable of complicated fluid simulations such as liquid dropping, mixing, lubrication, spraying, sloshing and splashing. It complements Fluent's high-resolution, high-accuracy free surface results. Coupling such complicated liquid behaviors with other physical phenomena such as structure, heat, and airflow, it enables more realistic design verifications much closer to actual products’ behavior. Particleworks for Ansys, a specialized interface tool, can be used in the Ansys Workbench environment to combine with Ansys’ simulation capabilities.


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What Meritor Said on the last ParticleWorks Webinar:

  • “Before we used Particleworks, we used a traditional method that used finite volume. We had difficulty creating the mesh and defining the moving boundaries.”
  • “With Particleworks we were able to increase our productivity by ten times
  • “We had one day of training and that was good”
  • ‘With a traditional CFD solver we had to offset the gears so we wouldn’t have squeeze. With Particleworks we didn’t have to do any of that”
  • “We run more what if analysis that we were not able to do before with a traditional CFD solver.”

What are Particle Methods for CFD?

First, particle methods for CFD are for the study of fluids, not the study of particles like sand. Particle methods study the flow of fluid using points in space 'particles' as the calculation points.

Particles can be viewed as objects carrying a physical property of the flow that is being simulated through the solution of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) that determine the trajectories and the evolution of the properties carried by the particles.

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