Webinar: Particle Method CFD for Engine Cooling and Other Thermal Applications

Thermal Analysis

Thermal behavior of many systems, such as e-motors and pistons, are very important but difficult to model and simulate. This leads to increased development time and ultimately higher product cost. Particleworks uses a unique method called MPS which allows these systems to be modeled and simulated faster than conventional finite volume methods. Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Moving boundary problems
  • Direct fluid temperature analysis
  • Exporting heat transfer coefficients for use by an external solver
  • User defined functions for heat transfer coefficients
  • New conjugate heat transfer solver

Common Applications

  • E-motor cooling
  • Piston cooling
  • Engine oil temperature
  • Manufacturing processes

What is Particleworks?

Particleworks is the leading software for simulating the movement of fluids. Our cutting-edge, particle-based simulator makes it easy to create and analyze 3D models in a variety of industrial contexts ‒ from oil sloshing and cooling for the automotive industry to mixing and kneading for medicine and plastics.

Particleworks Piston Simulation
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