About Enginsoft

EnginSoft is a consulting firm in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES) and has been at the forefront of technological innovation and a catalyst for change in the way SBES and CAE technologies in general are applied to solve even the most complex industrial problems with a high degree of reliability.

EnginSoft USA supports companies in design process innovation, with extensive skills and highly qualified staff. We provide a wide range of software and services including effective, high-quality consulting, advanced training, development of ad hoc custom software, and research.

We work across a broad range of industries that include the automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, civil engineering, consumer goods and biomechanics industries to help them get the most out of existing engineering simulation technologies.

At EnginSoft we are very passionate about the things that we focus on:

We focus on providing global solutions.

We help companies identify where, when and how simulation can make a difference to their business. We don't just select the best available combination of commercial software packages that fit our clients' specific needs; we add value to our selection by showing companies how to use these products to achieve the best possible simulation model. When commercial products are not available, we build our own custom modules to solve a particular client's need. Collaboration matters, so to ensure the smooth integration of any custom module into the simulation model this often requires us to work closely with commercial software vendors.

We focus on design quality.

Any CAE simulation model is only as good as the initial process description used to build it. We all know that a poor process description will produce misleading results. This is why we place a lot of effort in helping companies achieve more reliable computer aided simulation results by helping them improve their design and production processes and the interaction of these processes throughout their entire supply chain.

We focus on the accuracy, reliability and accessibility of different technologies and their applicability to a specific industrial context.

We focus on multidisciplinary simulation.

We advocate the use of multi-disciplinary technologies so that engineers at every stage of a product cycle can get a clear picture of the impact that their specific part has on the whole project. No matter how small it is, each part and process in the chain needs to be accounted for if we are to achieve the scope of creating a simulation model that is robust, accurate and reliable. This holistic approach to our clients' engineering simulation needs is what makes EnginSoft shine above other companies operating in the engineering simulation market.

And while we are passionate about all of these focus points, our main focus remains our clients. We help them achieve unprecedented results and returns on their engineering simulation investments. We invest a lot of time and energy in building long term relations with all our clients whether we are working as an outsourced engineering simulation team or working together with an in-house engineering simulation team to create robust simulated models that incorporate the entire production process and life cycle of each product component.

Executive Team

Chris Wilkes

President EnginSoft USA

Chris Wilkes is an industry veteran with extensive experience in CAE & CAD.Read more

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