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You make products to meet design specifications - strength, weight, fluid flow, dynamics etc. Designing side-by-side with simulation means shorter product development time and more robust products.

CAD without Simulation is like drawing on paper with a Crayon

Creo has powerful simulation tools. At EnginSoft, we know how to release the power of the tools and enable you to do the same.

Does your Creo Reseller know simulation? We have over 30 years of experience with complex CAE software tools solving all kinds of problems. In addition to Creo, we have experts in ANSYS, LS-DYNA, RecurDyn and other major tools.

EnginSoft - Experts in CAE

  • Over, 3,000 CAE Projects Completed
  • Over $40 million Annual Revenue
  • Founded in 1984
  • Global Presence, Local offices - USA (Texas), Europe, Asia

We offer a complete range of services for all Creo products, including structural, thermal, and modal analysis on parts, models, and assemblies. We collaborate with our customers to analyze product behavior, predict failures, and create optimization of the product design accordingly. It is our goal to help our customers make design changes sooner, reduce re-work, and cut costs. Our team of specialists aspire to show our customers how Creo’s simulation tools will enhance and simplify their design processes.

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Some of our Projects:

A larger list can be found in the CAE Knowledge Library

MBD Circuit Breaker Case Study

RecurDyn was used to simulate a Double Pole Single Throw Switch using three different modeling schemes

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Durability and Buckling Analysis of Storage Tanks

FEA analysis of the Durability, Structural Integrity and Buckling behavior of a new group of toxic liquid and fuel storage tanks

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MBD Excavator Case Study

A series of revolute joints connects the arm bodies in a single kinematic chain going from the bucket to the cabin. The latter body is then connected to the vehicle base through one more revolute joint with vertical axis.

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Using CAE to Optimize the Structure of Power Harrows in Farm Equipment

The simulation represented the impact of the harrow tooth against a stone during the working phase. Using CAE to optimize the structure of power harrows. The test was carried out in different conditions.

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Oil Splashing CFD Analysis at Comer Industries

This paper shows the results of the MPS method on a two speed reduction gear box, that is part of the rotor drive transmission change for a forage harvester machine.

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Forklift Dynamics Case Study

Various load cases and driving maneuvers can be set up in order to assess the forklift’s static and dynamic stability; in addition, the loads that each part of the forklift can be measured and used as input for structural and fatigue-life verification.

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Multibody Dynamics Case Study of Chair Lift

RecurDyn Dynamic studies are required to predict the accelerations, verify that the cams are properly shaped, and to extract the loads to structurally size the parts. The multi-body model is all but trivial because it requires the combination of highly flexible bodies and the massive use of contacts.

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Flexible Multibody Dynamics at Toyota Material Handling

In the development process of a vehicle, it’s necessary to consider different types of load, both static and dynamic.

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