EnginSoft USA Announces Sponsorship of NAFEMS Americas Conference 2024

EnginSoft USA will present and exhibit at engineering analysis and simulation focused conference

MCKINNEY, Texas – June 28, 2024 EnginSoft USA, a leading provider of engineering simulation solutions, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the upcoming NAFEMS Americas Conference 2024, taking place from July 9-11, 2024, in Louisville, Kentucky. This premier event brings together industry experts, engineers, and academics to discuss the latest trends and advancements in engineering simulation.

The NAFEMS Americas Conference is a key event for professionals involved in engineering analysis and simulation, offering a unique platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional development. As a sponsor, EnginSoft USA will support the conference's mission to advance the use of simulation and analysis methods in the engineering community.

“We are excited to sponsor NAFEMS Americas again this year. This conference covers a wide range of topics, addressing every aspect of engineering analysis and simulation,” stated Chris Wilkes, President and CEO of EnginSoft USA. “With over 300 highly qualified engineers worldwide, we offer expertise in a variety of engineering analysis and simulation technologies, including MBD, CFD, FEA, and more. Our team utilizes multi-disciplinary technologies so that engineers at every stage of a product cycle can get a clear picture of the impact that their specific part has on the whole project.”

EnginSoft USA is also thrilled to have the support of three esteemed members from Prometech, the creator and distributor of Particleworks. It is one of the leading software tools for simulating the movement of fluids. The cutting-edge, particle-based simulator makes it easy to create and analyze 3D models in a variety of industrial contexts ‒ from oil sloshing and cooling for the automotive industry to mixing and kneading for medicine and plastics. With an intuitive interface, an ultra-fast solver, and powerful visualization tools, Particleworks gives you all the tools you need to analyze motion in order to optimize your engineering process.

“It’s an honor to participate in NAFEMS Americas and support our North American reseller, EnginSoft USA,” stated Suzuki Takahiko, President and CEO of Prometech. “Our presence here highlights our joint commitment and teamwork in advancing mesh-free CFD technologies.”

EnginSoft USA’s sponsorship highlights its dedication to the continuous improvement and adoption of advanced simulation technologies. During the conference, EnginSoft USA will showcase its latest solutions, including Particleworks, a cutting-edge particle-based CFD solver, and RecurDyn, a powerful multi-body dynamics analysis tool. Attendees are invited to visit the EnginSoft USA booth to learn more about these innovative tools and how they can enhance engineering projects across various industries.

In addition to exhibiting, EnginSoft USA will present in two sessions, providing insights into the practical applications of simulation technology. These sessions will cover topics such as integrated multiphysics simulation, advanced contact analysis, and efficient handling of complex geometries.
NAFEMS, the International Association for the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community, is renowned for its efforts to promote best practices and drive advancements in the field of engineering simulation. The NRC serves as a vital forum for industry leaders and practitioners to exchange ideas, present research, and discuss the future of simulation technology.

For more information about the NAFEMS Americas Conference and to register, please visit NAFEMS Americas Conference 2024.

About EnginSoft USA
EnginSoft USA is a leading provider of engineering simulation solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services to enhance product development and innovation. With expertise in a wide range of simulation technologies, EnginSoft USA empowers engineers to solve complex challenges and achieve superior results. For more information, visit EnginSoft USA.

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