EnginSoft USA to Exhibit at SAE COMVEC

Experts in CAE to exhibit at SAE International’s COMVEC™ -- the leading forum for experts in the on-highway, off-highway and defense sectors

MCKINNEY, Texas – August 30, 2023 –EnginSoft USA, a leading Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) company, announced they will be an exhibitor for the first time at SAE COMVEC. The conference will be held September 19-21, 2023, in Schaumburg, Illinois.

SAE COMVEC serves as the collaborative hub for specialists across on-highway, off-highway, and defense sectors. The technical program at COMVEC™ will keep commercial vehicle professionals up to date on critical topics like electrification, ADAS development, propulsion advancements, emissions reduction efforts, digital and software innovation and more. This conference is designed to encourage world-class networking and features a state-of-the-art exhibit floor to foster new partnerships and an exchange of ideas. COMVEC empowers you to amplify your role's impact, enhance your organization's value, and sustain the global machinery of progress.

“We are excited to exhibit at SAE COMVEC, this is a great way to connect with many of our existing customers and forge new partnerships as we find solutions to challenges in the commercial vehicle sector,” said Chris Wilkes, President and CEO. “SAE has been an industry leader and we are pleased to provide tools and services that bridge their expertise with our expertise in CAE and simulation solutions.”

EnginSoft USA helps companies identify where, when, and how simulation can make a difference to their business. They don't just select the best available combination of commercial software packages that fit their clients' specific needs; they add value by showing companies how to use these products to achieve the best possible simulation model. Their solutions will be highlighted and demonstrated at their booth at SAE COMVEC; these include Particleworks and RecurDyn.

RecurDyn is a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software focused on Flexible Multibody Dynamics (MBD), with extended multiphysics capabilities. RecurDyn combines the power of an optimized recursive solver with superior contact technology, providing best-in-class simulation performances. The effectiveness of RecurDyn really comes out when approaching large-scale multibody models, including multiple contacts and flexible bodies.

Particleworks is one of the leading software for simulating the movement of fluids. The cutting-edge, particle-based simulator makes it easy to create and analyze 3D models in a variety of industrial contexts ‒ from oil sloshing and cooling for the automotive industry to mixing and kneading for medicine and plastics. With an intuitive interface, an ultra-fast solver, and powerful visualization tools, Particleworks gives you all the tools you need to analyze motion in order to optimize your engineering process.

By combining Particleworks with RecurDyn it is possible to simulate the fluid behavior in consideration of the motion of the mechanism according to reality. Sending the mechanical model behavior (position and velocity information) calculated by RecurDyn to Particleworks and returning the fluid simulation results (fluid force) from Particleworks back to RecurDyn, realizes a bidirectional coupling analysis of both motion and fluid.

EnginSoft engineers also have extensive experience and expertise in Multibody Dynamics and CFD consulting and have completed thousands of CAE projects completed across a broad range of industries that includes automotive, energy, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, civil and structural engineering, metal machining and manufacturing, consumer goods and appliances, healthcare, and biomechanics, helping customers to leverage existing legacy and emerging simulation technologies.

Learn more about SAE COMVEC at https://comvec.sae.org.


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