RecurDyn Time Signal Generation Toolkits

The RecurDyn/TSG finds an actuator signal in a RecurDyn model that causes an output signal (like a position, velocity, or acceleration) in the RecurDyn model to match an existing target signal provided by the user. This enables RecurDyn to reproduce a behavior that was measured in an actual mechanical system. A simplified virtual vibration-test-rig model in RecurDyn can eliminate various nonlinearities in the real vibration of an actual test environment, which enables faster and simpler analysis of vibration effects.

Create virtual sensors in the RecurDyn model in the same location as the sensors used to measure the target signal in the real mechanical system.

Create actuators to drive the model in RecurDyn.

RecurDyn/TSG iteratively executes simulations in RecurDyn to nd the proper drive signal to reproduce the Target Signal.

If the responses of the virtual sensors in the RecurDyn model are acceptably close to the measured Target Signals, then the RecurDyn model is accurately capturing the desired behavior of the real system.

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