CoLink for MBD

RecurDyn/CoLink, a control system simulator integrated into RecurDyn, allows the user to model complicated control systems, electrical systems and hydraulic systems. It also provides a platform for integrated analysis of rmware design, electronics design and mechanical system design by connecting with RecurDyn model.

Simple modeling using block diagram

Modeling of a complicated mechatronic system can be easily performed because it is possible to represent a control system with a logical block diagram. The data transfer between the controller and the mechanical system is clearly dened.

Various block libraries

Frequently used block libraries in the electrical / electronic / control system are provided to allow the user to easily create a complicated controller.

Fast simulation using the integrated solver with RecurDyn

An integrated solver can simultaneously analyze the dynamic model and the controller as a continuous system and provide a fast and accurate analysis

A discrete system can also be analyzed by co-simulation (A CoLink model with no connection with a RecurDyn model can be also analyzed).

and robust models of a mechanism are required for the design and parameter optimization of control system algorithms, as well as their reliability verification. RecurDyn provides a diverse set of tools to analyze mechanism models coupled with the control system algorithm.

Example - Copier control simulation


When a sensor detects a sheet, a roller starts operating and transports the sheet. It is possible to verify the change of sheet properties (bending / crumpling) or proper operation timing in advance (CoLink and MTT2D are required).

Example - Hydraulic control simulation of lifting equipment attached to an agricultural machine


It is possible to verify the complex lifting behavior in an agricultural attachment with a hydraulic cylinder in advance. This was done using co-simulation between RecurDyn and SimulationX (1D-CAE Software) using FMI.




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