RecurDyn Toolkits

RecurDyn/Spring (Multi Mass Spring)

Easy and fast modeling of springs that have dynamic responses that are a function of the mass with the coils of the spring

It can be used to show different behavior depending on the position of the spring or to consider contacts between spring coils.


  • Type A : linear spring model that considers the collision between coils
  • Type B : model using BMW's algorithm (nonlinear spring modeling using spline)
  • Type C : model using YAMAHA's SAKAI algorithm (nonlinear spring modeling, dual-rate spring modeling)
  • Type D : 3D MMS consisting of beam force and contact element It has non-linear characteristics and is capable of expressing the contact between spring self contact and type D spring.


RecurDyn/Tire provides a library to simulate the tires used in vehicles. Various types of tire modules (UA, Fiala, FE-Tire, MF-Tyer, MF Swift) are supported, depending on the application.

  • Easy modeling of tires using Tire Group
  • Easy conversion between tire models
  • Supports for MF-Tire and MF-Swift of TASS (previously TNO) allows the user to represent three dimensional surface contact, vibration and slip phenomenon.
  • Supports for F-tire of COSIN allow the user to support various tire modeling including flexible ring tire model.




RecurDyn/MachineTool allows manufacturers of machine tools to utilize MBD more easily and efficiently. It was developed based on the demands of manufacturers in the field using the joint efforts of Function Bay, IWB (Technical University of Munich), and FRAMAG (machine tool manufacturer).

  • Various levels of modeling capabilities are provided that consider various aspects of machine tool simulation.
  • Analysis of ball screw motion drives, linear guides and bearings
  • Analysis of models experiencing large motion including flexible bodies
  • Data from suppliers’ catalogs can be used for analysis.
  • Functions for standard operation such as ISO circularity test
  • Analysis of a motor with controller using CoLink
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