RecurDyn Automation / Customization

The design and simulation of a mechanical system can be made more efficient by the automation of repetitive tasks and the use of customized user interfaces. RecurDyn provides a specialized environment for the automation of repeated tasks and creating custom UI.


RecurDyn/ProcessNet is a powerful, script-based customization environment that is built into RecurDyn/Professional. RecurDyn/ProcessNet allows users to create their own GUI features for RecurDyn/Modeler that can manipulate model data, create customized dialog boxes and UI features, automate tasks, and encapsulate domain knowledge and best practices. RecurDyn/ProcessNet can access and manipulate both pre-processing data as well as post-processing data. RecurDyn/ProcessNet uses Microsoft.NET for the scripting environment. Scripts can be created using various .net languages, and documentation is provided for C# and Visual Basic. Through RecurDyn/ProcessNet users can dramatically extend the functionality of RecurDyn/Professional to meet their unique simulation requirements.


  • Various RecurDyn API allow you to develop a variety of customized features using C#.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and personalized UI development are available using simple programming.
  • RecurDyn Library + C# Language


RecurDyn/eTemplate is a tool that enables RecurDyn model data to be stored in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. RecurDyn/eTemplate can read the spreadsheet data and create the RecurDyn model. RecurDyn/eTemplate is extremely powerful, yet simple, intuitive, and easy to use. It can be used as a powerful customization tool to make managing model data much more efficient. Through eTemplate, users with little experience with RecurDyn can create and modify models and perform powerful analysis.

RecurDyn/Expression Helper


The RecurDyn Expression Helper helps you to more efficiently build expressions which are frequently used during system modeling. You can create various expressions by inputting intuitive parameters using Excel. The Expression Helper can be downloaded for free from FunctionBay Technical Support website (


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