Multibody Dynamics Software RecurDyn

RecurDyn's intuitive and sophisticated GUI runs on the Windows operating system.RecurDyn includes various libraries of bodies, joints, and forces for rigid body modeling as well as various contact libraries that enable you to easily model mechanical systems. The rigid body solver, which is based on a recursive formulation, can perform dynamic and static analyses (and others) quickly, accurately, and robustly. RecurDyn also includes various functionality to aid in the analysis of the results such as 3D animations and plots.

RecurDyn Multibody Dynamics Software

RecurDyn Multibody Dynamics Software

Intuitive UI

The UI allows designers to perform modeling quickly and conveniently.

High-Performance Graphic Engine

The MBD-optimized graphics engine easily manipulates complex models.

Easy Modeling of Rigid Body Geometry

High compatibility with CAD software because of the embedded Parasolid Kernel (Imports CAD data in Parasolid, STEP, IGES, STL, ACIS, CATPart, and CATProduct formats) Support for geometry creation and editing (even for imported geometry)

Fast and Accurate Solver

The recursive formulation and the implicit G-Alpha integrator perform simulations quickly, accurately, and robustly. The contact algorithms of RecurDyn are exceptionally robust, enabling the analysis of problems with complex contacts.

Fast and Convenient Post-Processor

The animation and plot outputs allow you to easily and intuitively examine the results of a dynamic analysis, such as the magnitude and direction of the displacements, velocities, accelerations, and forces.

The Most Advanced Contacts in the Industry

  • Contact elements based on Hertzian theory (Nonlinear stiffness)
  • Consideration for friction effects (Kinetic friction/Static friction, Linear/Nonlinear)
  • Easily definable contact among multiple bodies
  • Noise reduction of contact forces through a smoothing algorithm
  • Magnitude and direction of contact force displayed on the screen
  • Multiple, distributed contact forces displayed (Geo Contact family)

General purpose (Universal) Sensor

Capable of modeling two types of general-purpose sensors (box and laser)

RecurDyn Multibody Dynamics SoftwareRecurDyn Multibody Dynamics Software

Various Joints and Forces 

  • Support for various joint and force elements necessary for mechanical system modeling
  • Gear, Coupler, Point on Curve, Curve on Curve
  • Special force elements such as Beam Force, Plate Force

RecurDyn Multibody Dynamics SoftwareRecurDyn Multibody Dynamics Software


Complexity reduction and enhanced recyclability by modeling each sub-assembly in the system independently

RecurDyn Multibody Dynamics Software

Post Processor

  • Result verification using an integrated Post Processor
    System’s movement verified through animation
    Plots display position, velocity, acceleration and reaction force
    Contour plot for time-varying stress and deformation rate that can be confirmed by animation and output to AVI file.
    Easy to export data to a file that can be opened with Excel
    Various processing functions such as interpolation, calculus, FFT and filter
    Gap measurement / Interference Check
    • You can determine the minimum distance between multiple bodies or detect interferences.
    • You can determine the changes in values through animation after analysis.

Relationship Map

Easy to read diagram that shows the topological relationship of the various elements in the multibody dynamics model

RecurDyn Multibody Dynamics SoftwareRecurDyn Multibody Dynamics SoftwareRecurDyn Multibody Dynamics Software


Function Modeling with Text Expressions

  • Formula definition using various math functions and functions that extract current values in the model during simulation
    Ability to define time-varying position of body, force, and user defined constraint equations
    Ability to process analysis results(results after analysis) into desired quantities
    Objective function definition for DOE and optimization
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