RecurDyn EHD Toolkit

Simulates contacts that occur through a film of oil.

Example applications are bearings on a crankshaft or a camshaft, or a piston sliding in a cylinder.

RecurDyn/EHD calculates the thickness of the oil film and the corresponding pressure and force from the behavior information of the mechanical system. The effect of this pressure on the body is also taken into account in the simulation.


EHD Bearing (Rotational Lubrication)

• Models fluid lubrication between journal bearing surfaces rotating at high speeds. • Various effects, such as the Oil Hole and Groove Effects, can be included.

EHD Piston (Piston Lubrication)

Analysis of fluid lubrication between a cylinder and a piston during high piston translation speed • The effect of the piston tilt during high speed motion on the pressure and thickness of the lubricant film can be analyzed. If the cylinder or piston is modeled as a flexible body, the effect of body deformation on the pressure and lubricant thickness can also be analyzed

Create virtual sensors in the RecurDyn model in the same location as the sensors used to measure the target signal in the real mechanical system.

Create actuators to drive the model in RecurDyn.

RecurDyn/TSG iteratively executes simulations in RecurDyn to find the proper drive signal to reproduce the Target Signal.

If the responses of the virtual sensors in the RecurDyn model are acceptably close to the measured Target Signals, then the RecurDyn model is accurately capturing the desired behavior of the real system.

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