RecurDyn Machinery Toolkits

The machinery toolkits contains customized UIs to facilitate the modeling of the elements of mechanical systems common to machinery, such as gears, chains, belts, bearings, and springs. These toolkits have specialized solvers optimized for these elements. This allows the user to perform modeling quickly and easily and conduct an accurate analysis of complicated mechanical systems.


The RecurDyn/Gear toolkit is used to define and analyze systems of gears. It defines the gear geometry, the contact surfaces, and it provides a specialized solver code for the gear system.

Various gear libraries

  • Spur Gear
  • Helical Gear
  • Scissors Gear
  • Spur-Internal Gear
  • Helical Internal Gear
  • QFB (Quasi-Flexible Body) Gear
  • Worm & Worm Gear (Single-Enveloped)
  • Bevel Gear (Straight Type, Spiral Type, Zerol Type)

You can confirm the vertical force and friction force occurring at a contact point.

Vibrational characteristics of gear and DTE (Dynamic Transmission Error) can be analyzed considering Backlash and tolerance.


The RecurDyn/Chain toolkit dramatically simplifies the modeling of complex chain systems and automatically defines contacts within the chain system, including contacts between the chain links. It also includes a highly specialized solver for chain systems.

  • Automatic chain assembly with automatic contact
  • Graphical or spreadsheet design of sprocket teeth profile
  • Various types of chains
    • Silent Chain
    • Roller Chain
    • Multiplex
  • Various chain system libraries
      • Sprocket
      • Roller
      • Guide
      • Chain Links
      • Lateral Links
      • Group Guide


The RecurDyn/Belt toolkit is used for the modeling of belts and pulleys systems. MFBD technology can be used, which makes it possible to produce more realistic analyses by modeling belts as flexible bodies.

  • Automatic belt assembly with automatic contact
    • Various types of belts as rigid bodies
    • Flat Belt
    • V Belt
    • Ribbed V Belt
    • Timing Belt
  • Various types of belts as flexible bodies
    • Beam
    • Shell
  • Various types of rollers and pulleys
    • Roller
    • V-pulley
    • Flange
    • Ribbed V-pulley
    • 2D belt and guide for analysis speed improvement
  • Crown Roller (You can model a roller as a desired shape using Crow Roller)


The RecurDyn/Bearing toolkit is used for the modeling of bearing systems. It simplifies the creation of bearings and the contact surfaces.

The toolkit also supports EHD (fluid) bearings and simulates lubrication properties during analysis (RecurDyn/EHD is required).

  • Bearing shape creation and automatic definition of contact between parts
    • Ball Bearing
    • Roller Bearing
  • Consideration for the deformation of outer ring by modeling the flexible body
    • EHD Bearing (Combined with RecurDyn/EHD)
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