What Is The Creo Flow Analysis Extension?

The Creo Flow Analysis extension is a CFD solution which allows designers, engineers, and analysts to simulate fluid flow issues directly within Creo. The seamless workflow between CAD and CFD allows users to integrate analysis early and often to understand product function and performance.

Creo Flow Analysis


External Air FlowExternal Air Flow Planing HullPlaning Hull Lubrication SystemLubrication System
Water TurbineWater Turbine Centrifugal PumpCentrifugal Pump Dynamic ValvesDynamic Valve
and more!

Creo Flow Analysis Offers:

  • Ease of use
  • Embedded CAD and CFD
  • Easy model creation
  • Rapid simulation turnaround
  • Highly accurate results

Analysis Driven Design

CFD results are often found too late in design process to influence engineering decisions. Lack of early analysis data results in errors, late stage rework, and scrap. With Creo Flow Analysis design flaws are identified and resolved early in the design process. Product performance and function is optimized using analysis-driven design.

Reduced Costs and Time to Market

Lack of CFD analysis can lead to delayed and over-budget projects, as well as lost engineering productivity due to rework and design. The inability to find errors until late stage prototyping will also delay your projects. Creo Flow Analysis reduces product development costs by streamlining developement and eliminating late stage errors.

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