What's new in Creo 6.0

The physical and the digital worlds are converging and this is leading to changes in the product development process. There are significant boundary crossing technologies impacting this transformation today. Creo 6 focuses on addressing these technologies.

IoT, enabling customers to build higher quality product by understanding and leveraging real world information about product usage. Creo 6 is addressing this with a focus on simulation driven design.

Augmented Reality – whereas IOT brought information from the physical world into the digital world, AR brings information from the digital world into the physical world. Creo 6 sees an expansion of the AR capabilities embedded inside Creo.

Additive Manufacturing - Creo 6 continues to build out a full set of capabilities to enable design, optimize, validate and print check without needing to leave Creo. Eliminating the broken toolchain existing today.

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Why Creo 6.0


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