FEA with Creo

We offer a complete range of FEA consulting services for all Creo products, including structural, thermal, and modal analysis on parts, models, and assemblies. We collaborate with our customers to analyze product behavior, predict failures, and create optimization of the product design accordingly. It is our goal to help our customers make design changes sooner, reduce re-work, and cut costs. Our team of FEA specialists aspire to show our customers how Creo’s simulation tools will enhance and simplify their design processes.

We provide design optimization and analysis services for mechanical equipment used in various plants such as industrial plants, sheet metal product manufacturers, automotive OEM, and energy. Our technical FEA experts use Creo Simulate and Creo Simulation Live to evaluate component performance under different operational conditions, loading conditions, and boundary constraints.  
Ask our FEA Consulting Engineers about:

  • Structural Analysis
    • Real-time analysis
    • Stress
    • Strain
    • Deformation
    • Topology Optimization
    • Lattice Structures
  • Thermal Analysis
    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • Radiation
  • Modal Analysis
    • Vibration
    • Frequency


Creo Simulation is PTC’s standard finite element analysis. It allows you to analyze and confirm results and performance of your design model or assembly. It is a tool that is easily integrated within the design workspace of Creo Parametric making editing and analyzing easy.

Creo Simulation Live is a real time analysis tool made possible by the partnership with PTC and ANSYS. Creo Simulation Live, or CSL, is based on ANSYS’s Discovery Live. It is integrated within the 3D CAD modeling environment of Creo Parametric. Designers save time by eliminating the meshing process and see the results within seconds.

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