What is Creo Direct?

Creo Direct is an indispensable 3D direct CAD solution because it gives you exactly what you need: An easy-to-use, fast, and flexible solution that enables more people to contribute to your product development process.

Companies face many challenges when developing products, especially in a hyper-competitive, global marketplace. In addition to designing products to meet ever-changing customer requirements, product development teams are constantly pressured to deliver winning products in less time and at a lower cost.

Creo Direct gives users throughout the product development process the ability to create and edit 3D CAD data using a direct modeling approach. Whether you are at the initial stages of conceptualizing a design, gathering feedback from customers, suppliers, and other partners, or trying to simplify your product geometry for CAE analyses, it gives you the right tool to complete the task most efficiently and effectively.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use and learn. The intuitive, direct modeling approach enables new or infrequent users to get up to speed quickly and create and edit 3D designs
  • Faster, more flexible part and assembling modeling increases individual efficiency and productivity
  • Easily accommodate late-stage changes to your engineering design quicker and with less frustration with this fast and easy approach
  • Work more efficiently in a multi-CAD environment by easily incorporating and editing data from other CAD systems
  • Increase process efficiency
    • Streamline workflows for CAE and tooling design
    • Improve and accelerate the design review process by allowing managers, field engineers, and other infrequent CAD users to edit 3D CAD data directly
    • Enable more users to leverage 3D CAD so they can contribute to – and ultimately accelerate – the product development proces

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