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Study after study suggests that top-performing engineering teams use simulation software early and often. While other companies miss their target deadlines and costs by 17 to 21%*, companies using simulation throughout the design process are meeting and exceeding their targets.

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Research suggests you can achieve three main benefits to using simulation throughout the design process, especially during the concept phase:

  1. Increasing rate of product innovation and market share (43% increase in ideation scenarios evaluated**)
  2. Achieving lower costs for product development (19% reduction in physical and safety tests due to simulation catching those problems virtually**)
  3. Getting products to market faster (simulation helps you find errors sooner; changes made during last 25% of design cycle take 98% longer to perform versus first 25%*)

There are so many different types of simulation tools, and some are better for different uses and stages in the product development process.

"That's where we can help. Fill out the form to learn more about how simulation can benefit your engineering team. Plus, you'll get a detailed, useful brochure outlining much of our simulation software portfolio. These are tools for design engineers, not analysts, and with some minimum training, you'll reap the benefits of simulation-driven design in no time.

Plus, from now until December 31, 2020, we are offering our simulation portfolio at 33% off! Now is the perfect time to invest in capabilities to help you design better and more cost-effective products.

*Revolutionizing Simulation for Design Engineers, Tech-Clarity, 2019
**Quantifying the Return on Investment in Simulation Lead Design Exploration, Mediafly, 2020


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