Meshing issue for CFA in Creo 7

Over the past few weeks our engineers have spent time with the latest version of Creo Flow Analysis in Creo 7 and we’re always keeping an eye out for issues our customers may run into. In this case we found a serious issue and want to share a workaround with the CFA community. When creating […]

Hitachi Automotive Systems, LTD. discusses Particleworks

“Responding to the requirement to evaluate cooling performance, Particleworks had become one of the candidates for simulation. We had used FVM (Finite Volume Method) based grid method CFD software already, and we decided to choose the more effective one by comparing the time for pre-processing and calculation speed. Simulation of the piston oil jet shows […]

FEV oil cooled eMotor for Electric Drive Unit

Particleworks is based on the mesh-free, “Moving Particle Simulation” (MPS) methodology. Particleworks can rapidly predict oil flow distribution, heat transfer and power losses, allowing engineers to study and maximize the cooling & lubrication efficiency. FEV used centrifugal oil cooling for significantly faster recovery after operating in the peak torque region. They were also able to […]

CFD testing of HeartAssist® LVAD performance under realistic working conditions

VADs are increasingly used to mitigate the shortfall in donor organs for cardiopathic patients awaiting heart transplants annually by providing a bridge-to-transplant, or to stabilize patients with congestive heart failure. While rotary VADs have smaller dimensions and simpler structures than pulsatile VADs, their continuous, high-speed, rotating blood-flow patterns represent a potential risk factor to patients […]

EnginSoft and the European Space Agency investigate hydroponic plant growth for future space missions

EnginSoft has been collaborating with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the past ten years, working actively in the MELiSSA program. At present, this project’s main efforts concern the life support system sector and the idea of creating an artificially closed ecosystem that generates food and oxygen for space crews on longterm missions. The current […]

Ergonomic simulation – greater company competitiveness and improved productivity

A satisfied employee can work in a concentrated, motivated and productive manner. A well-designed workplace that meets ergonomic requirements allows for comfortable and painless work. By optimizing workplace performance, reserves can be activated and productivity can be increased in the long run. Read the full case study here:

Flow field optimization of a medical device

CAE is highly effective for product optimization. In this technical article, we describe how a hybrid method of computational fluid dynamics analysis was used to enhance the design of a medical device to improve its ability to maintain a stable microclimate around a patient, but also to reduce both the computational efforts and the time […]

Design and Analysis of Chain Drives made easy by RecurDyn Multi-Body Software

Chain models are among the largest and most complex that can be simulated with multi-body technology. First, depending on the chain length, the number of moving bodies could become remarkable. Second, contacts disturb the solution all over the chain, causing continuous impulsive excitation of the mechanism. Third, chain links are bodies with reduced inertia, whose […]

Dana’s Use of a New Validated Approach for Advanced Design of Powertrain

Dana Incorporated is a valued automotive powertrain supplier because of the capabilities and value of their products. The Advanced Methods group at the Dana Technical Center looked for innovative technology that can be used in the engineering and design process for their products. In 2015, they evaluated the ability of Particleworks to predict the accumulation […]