Intermarine Shipyard tests Flownex SE for its naval piping systems

There are various piping systems that convey many different fluids on board a vessel. Each fluid must reach its user at the right pressure and flow conditions. Accessories such as valves, bends, fittings and pipes induce pressure losses (as a result of factors such as pressure (p), flow rate (q) and pipe size (diameter, A)). The designer has to calculate these probable pressure losses in the pipeline in order to select (or verify) the size of the pump to be installed in the piping system to prevent a number of possible problems. Usually, these calculations to predict pressure losses are performed “manually” using the procedures described in the technical literature, such as the method of equivalent lengths, with the help of software such as Microsoft Excel or similar, and with the lengths and the fittings information being derived from one-line diagram (2D CAD software). The Shipyard wanted to test the capability of the 1-D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software known as Flownex Simulation Environment (SE), provided by EnginSoft S.p.A., as a pipeline solver for its naval piping systems. Read the full case study here: