Flow field optimization of a medical device

CAE is highly effective for product optimization. In this technical article, we describe how a hybrid method of computational fluid dynamics analysis was used to enhance the design of a medical device to improve its ability to maintain a stable microclimate around a patient, but also to reduce both the computational efforts and the time required to obtain these results. A microclimate requires the maintenance of specific values of temperature, humidity and air velocity around a patient.

One of the validated designs turned out to be very promising, as it obtains a further reduction of the heat loss compared to the best design of the NSGA-II first phase design optimization: a further 4% gained. As expected, this has been achieved by a solution that stays close to the limit value on the patient’s temperature and humidity, but still keeping a good margin from the assigned constraint value of 0.025. Read the full case study here: https://enginsoftusa.com/CFD-Consulting-Medical-Airflow.html