Genesis® Engineering Structural Analysis and Optimization Software

Genesis Structural Analysis and Optimization Software

Genesis® Engineering Software Analysis Includes: Statics, Normal Modes, System Buckling, Heat Transfer, Direct and Modal Frequency, Analysis, Random Response 

Genesis® Engineering Optimization Includes: Topology, Sizing, Shape, Topometry, Topography, Freeform

Genesis® is a Structural Analysis and Optimization Engineering Software that fully integrates analysis and optimization and it is written by leading experts in structural optimization.

Structural analysis is solved using the finite element method. Current analysis capabilities include static, normal modes, direct and modal frequency analysis, random response, heat transfer, system buckling calculations, acoustics and Fatigue analysis.

Structural optimization types include sizing, shape, topology, topometry, topography and freeform optimization. Special advanced features include: multi-model optimization (MMO) and reliability based optimization (RBO).

Solutions provided from Genesis® 

  • Automotive OEM – Light-weighting & cost reduction requirements set by the government CAFÉ standards 
  • Automotive Tier Suppliers – Support needs for whole CAD/CAE solution 
  • Engineering Consultants – Provide an environment for innovation and multidisciplinary optimization for coupling almost any 3rd party engineering software 
  • Aerospace – Improve the design target and satisfy design requirement in efforts to reduce cost and light-weighting 
  • Heavy Industry – Reducing weight while improving rigidity of machine to result in a more efficient design 

Some benefits of Genesis® include: 

  • Reduction in cost and improvement in performance – By generating new designs based on user criteria such as mass minimization, frequency maximization, stress or displacement constraints and more. 
  • Reduction in engineering time – Genesis® has powerful embedded solvers such as our SMS eigensolver, which speeds up solving time and are quick for small to midsize problems and even faster for very large problems. 
  • Innovative designs come to life – Robust designs can be realized as our optimizer BIGDOT, can handle extremely large numbers of design variables. This allows an engineer to explore the entire design space with either topology, topometry or topography optimization. 

Special application of Genesis®: 

  • Additive Manufacturing – One important usage of Genesis® topology optimization is for Additive Manufacturing. 
  • Genesis® can generate optimal shapes and together with Design Studio, the user can automatically generate lattice structures. 
  • Genesis® can perform topology optimization with additive overhang angle constraints to build the structures with minimum support material. 
  • Genesis® can perform sizing or topometry optimization to find the optimal dimension of lattice members.


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