Corvette Daytona Prototype Topology

Pratt & Miller Racing uses VR&D Genesis Topology Optimization to reduce the weight of the Corvette prototype wing/body (tail frame) without compromising structural integrity

Genesis Optimization

“It’s safe to say that Genesis optimization has quickly become a standard step in the majority of critical Pratt & Miller designs” – Pratt & Miller Engineering

Genesis Optimization

  • The available design space (i.e. topology region) is shown in grey
  • Topology Optimization migrates the specified amount of mass to the stiffest configuration while maintaining specified design constraints
  • Load path interpretations are overlaid by the analyst as translucent black bars

Genesis Optimization

The Genesis Optimized Tail Frame:
is 33% lighter, and surpassed Pratt & Millers stiffness and strength requirements. 

“Genesis has become an invaluable tool that regularly allows us to cut roughly 30% of the weight out of existing competitive designs without sacrificing the stiffness and strength endurance racing requires” – Pratt & Miller Engineering

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