CFD Meshing for under $5,000 - CF-MESH+

Advanced CFD meshing software featuring automatic mesh generation in arbitrary complex geometries

The volume meshes generated by CF-MESH+ are delivered in OpenFOAM, ANSYS Fluent or neutral (CGNS) formats, and are highly suitable for use by a multitude of popular CFD software.


The meshes have been successfully used in various types of CFD simulations, from the automotive aerodynamics (see our F1 car case study or Ahmed body meshing example video), hydrodynamics, HVAC, to chemical processing, or civil engineering. Due to its ability to generate volume meshes composed of tetrahedral elements only, the software has also found successful usage within the finite element analysis (FEA) realm.

With CF-MESH+, you only need to import the geometry surface (STL), add a few basic meshing settings, and press the meshing button.

That is all that is required in most of the situations. Even large volume meshes with tens of millions of cells representing complex geometries can typically be generated during less than an hour on a desktop PC.

The Benefits of CF-MESH+

Resolving complexity. The implemented meshing methodology is designed to provide quality meshes on arbitrarily complex geometries. The available workflows are robust and sensitivity to input data is minimized.

Simple setup. Minimum user input is needed to prescribe settings for the meshing process.

Speed. The meshing workflow is fully automated and meshes are obtained in a single run. Implemented algorithms are parallelized and computational resources are used efficiently. Meshing processes can also be set up and started from the batch mode (scripting).

Access to expert support. Our mission is to help our customers being productive in their simulation efforts. While the software is being regularly upgraded with the new features that facilitate this process, our customers also greatly benefit from our meshing expertise and support. In certain circumstances, it is also possible to provide for customized meshing solutions and workflows.

Spotlight on our work: CFD Study of Space Module:


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