Experts in CFD with the tools and skills for simple to complex problems

Enginsoft engineers have worked on hundreds of CFD consulting projects covering every major area of the science. Some of the primary areas of work are:

1D CFD Simulation
Not every problem needs a high-end 3D analysis. For many problems, it can be better to work within the design space using a 1D tool for design exploration and then advance to a 3D analysis when higher fidelity is needed. Enginsoft engineers has years of experience with Flownex¢ç Simulation Environment and ParticleWorks¢ç and can help you realize answers faster.

3D CFD Simulation
When 3D analysis is the right answer, Engisoft has the engineers with the experience.

Some of our Recent Projects (click for the PDF):

GE Oil and Gas Ejectors in a Compressible Network for Gas Turbine Extended Operatbility

Advances in Sailing Yacht Performance Analysis and Optimization

F1 Tire Extreme Ensemble Computations For Optimization Under Uncertainty

Fiat Engine Cooling System

Thermal Design Optimization in Turbomachinery Elements

Let us Help
When it's time to get started, contact us. We can schedule a call with an engineer who has already solved similar problems and begin discussing how we can help you.